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Pellet ring die is an important part. pellet of electrical energy, manufacturing, high quality has a direct influence. In selecting a ring die the trick is to choose the proper method of roughness of opening and die When a new ring mold into operation, check that the pellet mill production capacity and grain quality.

The value of pellet die:

The pellet die is the one of the essential components that should be assumed of. The features of the dies defines the high quality of the pellet mills.
The die is the heart of the pellet factories in the pellet developing procedure. Although both level perishes and ring dies may be utilized to generate biomass pellets, for huge plants the ring die is usually much more advantageous. This is due to 2 reasons. First, is that the roller and die wear evenly because both sides relocate the exact same proximity throughout the production.


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About pellet die:

Many features of the pellet die can be differed to acquire the preferred outcomes on a specific formula. Often one should examine die features with the pellet mill vendor to locate a solution to a particular problem.

Ring dies specifications:

Ring dies has high setup precision and higher surface solidity. Select stainless steel or higher chrome alloy steel.
Pellet ring dies is the heart accessory of pellet mill. The feed product is pushed into needed form according to various ring die with different inside size, reliable working width, density, diameter and other different paramater, so as to meet various needs.

Pellet ring die is the main extra component of pellet mill. It is maded by alloy steel or stainless steel, and to boring with special equipment tool, commercial computer system can regulate carbonitriding procedure, with the features such as higher setup accuracy and surface solidity, wear resistance, and so on


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About ZCME pellet die:

Our pellet ring die made by high top quality steel, with high abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, keep long working life. Pellet ring dies is our main product, we create ring die more compared to 20 years, export to over 50 nations, with our own brand name "ZCME". Our pellet ring dies enjoy high scrape resistance and deterioration resistance, making certain ring passes away acquire lengthy service life We utilize higher chrome stainless steel to make ring passes away, and its firmness could reach HRC 52-56 after heat procedure. We make all sort of pellet mill ring passes away as each consumers' drawing.

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